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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Information

Where do you find the right recreational vehicle insurance?

Recreational vehicles do more than just carry you from one place to another; they transport you with an eye toward maximum fun and/or comfort along the way. That's why it is important to select the appropriate motorhome insurance policy! Since you are out on the road, you are required to have a certain amount of coverage on your Recreational Vehicle. However, there are many insurance types of coverages to ensure that your motor home obtains the correct amount of coverage and protection suited for your needs and budget.

Since your RV isn't just another auto, you need to makes sure you obtain a policy that doesn't treat it like just another car! No matter what your needs are, the Advisors at William Blount & Associates will be able to offer you a variety of motor home insurance coverages. 

In addition to Motor Homes, we also provide insurance for several other types of miscellaneous autos. Such as:

 ATV or 4-Wheelers

What kind of insurance is required for Recreational Vehicles? 

Your Coachmen is, very different from an auto, but just like an automobile it's a moving vehicle that can cause injury and property damage to others. That's why the State of Tennessee does require to obtain liability insurance. This coverage will help pay for any damage you inadvertently cause. This policy can also help cover the cost of environmental cleanup after an accident that causes the spillage of a toxic chemical or other pollutant.

What are the optional Property Coverages available?

After you've considered the potential liabilities you are exposed to while operating a recreational vehicle, it's time to secure coverage for the value of the vehicle itself. Motor Home insurance coverage can cover the vehicle in the event of physical damage, vandalism, theft, and collision. In addition, your policy may offer reimbursement of personal items stored on a vehicle. 

In some cases, you may want to consider adding specialized coverage for additional risks including the loss or damage of awnings and custom equipment.

If you have an RV that you live in part or full time, you may need extended protection so be sure to discuss that with a William Blount & Associates licensed Advisor!

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