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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance Information

What kind of insurance does your restaurant need?

Restaurant owners have much to consider when designing their insurance portfolios and our Advisors at William Blount & Associates can help guide you toward the insurance package that is right for your restaurant. Here are just a few of the insurance options restaurateurs can pick from to help minimize their financial risk from lawsuits, failed equipment, and property losses. Restaurants may also be able to secure all-in-one coverage, which is a comprehensive policy that is tailored to the many facets of risks that restaurant owners face. 

  Property insurance-- will offer financial protection in the event that the restaurant’s property (either its building structure or contents) is ruined or damaged in an insurable event such as a fire or theft.   Spoilage coverage-- will provide payment if power is lost or equipment malfunctions and the perishable food on hand spoils.
  Employment practices liability-- will protect against lawsuits for various employee complaints including discrimination, provided the treatment was not willful.   Equipment breakdown-- will cover the cost of repair for equipment that has broken down including cookers, refrigerators and air conditioning units. (Please note: if the breakdown occurs due to lack of proper maintenance, the claim may not be covered.)
  Workers compensation insurance-- will pay for medical expenses and some lost wages should an employee be injured on the job.   Business continuation insurance-- will provide ongoing income in the event that your business is forced to shut down due to a covered loss. Alternatively, it could pay for some of the expenses of temporary relocation of your restaurant.
  Liquor legal liability insurance-- will help pay legal expenses and claims brought on by customers who may be injured by an individual who was drinking in your establishment.  

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This website is intended to stimulate dialogue about your protection and does not alter or interpret your insurance policies. Always refer to your policy for details about your coverage.