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William Blount & Associates Blog: 5_2018

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Public entities face unique challenges regarding risk management. While juggling shrinking tax bases and swelling operational costs, public administrators are under pressure to maintain - if not improve - municipal services. As a result, many are pressed to manage risk at the lowest possible cost. READ MORE >>

For the happiest day of your life, you must be covered! Wedding insurance protects an engaged couple’s investment in the event of circumstances out of their control and provides reimbursement for incurred expenses.  Examples of damages a wedding insurance policy will cover: READ MORE >>

Reducing Risk for Riders There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when riding but if you’re on the road, you’re at risk. To ensure you’ve got the coverage and financial protection you need, consider the following motorcycle insurance coverage options. Liability Insurance Coverage READ MORE >>

The regular review of every contract you sign is a highly important risk management task. This includes a contract’s waiver of subrogation clause. Subrogation is a basic insurance concept used in insurance contracts. If a loss occurs, it typically happens through someone’s negligence. READ MORE >>

  Lessor’s Risk Only (LRO) Insurance, also known as Landlord’s Insurance, is a specific type of liability coverage for individuals who lease at least 25 percent of their building. LRO is common among owners of apartment buildings, warehouses, retail buildings and commercial office space, and it may be required in your area. READ MORE >>

  Saving money is easy with a health savings account (HSA). You will be able to pay for your medical expenses with tax-deductible dollars and will be able to save for the future… all at the same time! The Basics of HSAs The cost of health care is rising, but how much you will actually spend on medical expenses varies. READ MORE >>

Liquor liability insurance is designed to protect businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages. Specifically, this type of insurance covers damages that result from things like fights, careless behavior or automobile accidents caused by individuals who have consumed alcohol. READ MORE >>

Damage caused by sinkholes can be extensive, but may not always be covered by your homeowners policy. What Protection Does it Offer? Homeowners policies that cover only catastrophic ground collapse will cover the cost of damage only under the following conditions: The abrupt collapse of ground cover. READ MORE >>

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